Latino Machino Slot: An Enjoyable Variation of Slot

An enjoyable and enticing game designed and developed by International Game Technology, Latino Machino Slot is attractive to gamblers because it has a theme that focuses on Latin Fiesta. It features several icons like mariachi, Latino lover and beautiful Latina women. The game has wild icons that trigger or activate bonus games. Hence, to know more about the game, let us have a closer look at its basic game play and fundamental elements.

Description of Latino Machino Slot Machines

Latino Machino Slot Machines have 25 pay lines and five reels. The machines can give payouts as high as 500,000 coins to lucky gamblers. If players want to get bigger payouts, it is best that they place big bets. To accommodate more gamblers, Latino Machino slot machines use English and Spanish languages.

Scatter Icons in Latino Machino Slot

Scatter icons are very important to players since these symbols trigger bonus games or additional payouts to gamblers. If a player gets at least three scatter icons, they win at least 5x and at most 100x the bet that they place.

Latino Machino Slot Wild Symbols

Like other slot variations, Latino Machino Slot features different wild icons or wild symbols. Aside from scatter icons, Cucaracha icon is another wild symbol in the game. Since it is a wild icon, it can replace other icons in the slot machine.

Information on La Pinata Loca Extra Game

Players trigger La Pinata Loca extra game if they luckily get three piņata symbols on pay lines, three, four and five. The game starts when players choose an icon that unveils the number of piņatas that players need to choose at the bonus round. Afterwards, players choose piņatas and each piņata that they select has a corresponding amount. Some pinta icons bear multiplier icons or mas piņatas icon.

Winning in the Curacha Extra Round

To activate this extra game, players need to get at least one Cucaracha icon on the first reel or the fifth reel. When this happens, a cockroach appears on the screen of the machine and touches some wild symbols. The cockroach continuously touches other symbols until it touches an icon that provides additional payouts to players.

Taking Home the Latino Machino Slot Top Jackpot

Many players like to try this slot variation because it offers big cash prizes to gamblers. To get the jackpot prize, players should place the maximum bet and they need to get five Latino Machino symbols on a single pay line. When this happens, the player takes home the jackpot prize.

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