Chef Piggy in the King of the Grill Slot Game

International Gaming Technology in partnership with AC Coin and Slot distributed King of the Grill slot machine. This slots work on a 5-reel and 15-payline game. Like the majority of video slots, King of the Grill slot machines present numerous bonus games plus an entertaining video production which maintain players entertained throughout their extended slots sessions.

Coin Options of King of the Grill Slots

Players will come across a wide range of coin values on King of the Grill slots. These slots games have a 300 coins maximum wager so you may want to dole out few more bucks if you desire to play a high stake game of King of the Grill. As previously mention, this game operates on a 15-payline slot machine. You don't automatically have to bet the greatest coins for the utmost payouts, as you would have done in a classic 3-reel slots game.

King of the Grill Slots Bonus Round

When you get into the extra round, the feeling is that you're going to attend Chef Piggy's grill party and that you're to select which foodstuff to cook. The image of the food will light up if you have chosen it. If the food is well-cooked you win the major prize on the extra game. The number of times your food is properly cooked will indicate how high the 3-D Chef Piggy image rises. If the 3-D Piggy goes up to the top of the platform, Chef Piggy will be declared the winner of the food preparation contest, and so you will be.

The Bug Zapper Bonus Round at King of Grill Slots

When this extra game is set in motion, several insects will be seen flying at the player. If you are able to zap these creatures, you win the bonus prize money. In all probability, several insects like flies, bees and other flying bugs might turn up to harass and annoy a barbecue cookout.

King of the Grill Slots Review

King of the Grill slots presents a dark and morbid nevertheless an entertaining storyline. Chef Piggy is the lead star of the food contest, which is hosting a grill cook out for his friends and guests.

This slot game offers icons including melons, pigs, corn on the cob, pigs, melons, pie, coolers, peppers, ice cream and, naturally, barbecue sauce. While Chef Piggy is preparing the ingredients needed for cooking like, pieces of shrimps and other beefs on the kebab, and certain amount of pork, you would wonder if Chef Piggy is preparing a meal for cannibal.

That's reasonable enough. It only shows that, Chief cook Piggy has an out of the ordinary grill paste which is unbeatable.

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    Chef Piggy in the King of the Grill Slot Game

    Some people will realize that King of the Grill slots is not only entertaining but also appetizing, others will discover the bug zapping bonus game anything but mouth watering. But I love the 3-D Chef Piggy which shifts up and down as you play the bonus round.Get Piggy to the top and you'll win the game.